Activities around the Holiday Home Kantarella

Many activities can be undertaken in the area around the Kantarella Holiday Home. Some examples are given below. Further tips and information as well as many brochures are laid out in the holiday home: shopping, restaurants, horse riding, golf courses,  Ride a trolley and many other interesting excursion destinations such as the Viking Museum in Nysäter, that Western festival in Svanskog  or the traditional market  “Gammelvala” .

Holiday Home activities: Canoeing

Especially early in the morning when there is still no breeze ruffling the water, you can rediscover deceleration while paddling. The first ducks are chattering somewhere behind the islands, the beaver rubs the sleep out of his eyes in the reeds and the canoe slowly glides through the fairytale silence ..

Paddling in Sweden

Holiday Home activities: Motor boating

Those who like it both sporty and fast can also explore Lake Summeln by motorboat. Our Linder Motorboat can accommodate up to 3 people and life jackets are also part of the basic equipment.

Holiday Home activities: swimming

On warm days, the summeln invites you to swim or bathe. A short excursion on foot or by bike to the next bathing area with a narrow beach and seating is highly recommended. Those who like it a little wilder and more lonely can take a boat or canoe to the northern side, where there is a wide and long rocky landscape that is ideal for sunbathing, picnicking and swimming.

Fishing – ice fishing

Lake Summeln has rich fish stocks, there are many pike as well as perch and whitefish and a moderate occurrence of pikeperch. The Summeln is about 500 hectares and is located 15 km north of the municipality of Säffle.
Link: I. FISKE


You can go on walks and small hikes as well as day trips directly from the holiday home in Sweden. Larger tours are also possible, and very interesting routes can be explored with a good topographic map or GPS. In the adjacent overview (Google Maps) we have put together a small selection of hiking trails.

Bike tours

Many small and large bike tours can be started directly from the holiday home. The routes around Lake Summeln lead through mostly open and varied landscapes. At the edges of the forest, especially in the early morning or late evening, many deer and elk or even red deer can be seen. Most routes are not signposted, so always use a map or, best of all, a GPS (mobile phone).

Holiday Home activities: picking berries

Collecting berries in Sweden is a dream. Whether wild strawberries or blueberries, whether cranberries or raspberries, is from June to OctoberBerry Alert!

Holiday Home activities: mushroom picking

Adventure in the forest: For many holidaymakers in Sweden, long walks in the forest are inextricably linked with mushroom picking. Chanterelles and porcini mushrooms are very common during the season and when the mushroom weather is good it is easy to find many pounds.

Moose safari

If you want to see a moose in the wild, you should be quiet in the early morning or evening twilight and watch clearings and forest edges carefully. Should the elk luck fail, we recommend a day trip to an elk park.

Link: Dalslandsmooseranch.

Bird towers

A visit to one of the many bird towers in the immediate vicinity and further afield is particularly recommended in autumn and spring. When the bird migration is in full swing, you can see many rare migratory birds from Northern Europe here. At one or the other tower, you can combine a visit with a short hike or even a picnic with a campfire.

Tösse bird tower
Tösse bird tower

Geocaching in Sweden

Geocaching is very popular in Sweden. The modern treasure hunt is number 3 in Sweden with more than 65,000 hidden caches. There are over 850,000 geocaches across Europe. There are many adventures to be had in search of the little treasures. A great hobby for the whole family, especially children are very enthusiastic. Requirement: GPS device or smartphone with geocaching app.


Glaskogen nature reserve

A beautiful nature reserve with 300km of hiking trails. The Glaskogen is located in the border areas between the municipalities of Arvika, Eda, Säffle and Årjäng in Västra Värmland. On hikes lasting several days, you will spend the night in small huts, at a rest area with a windbreak or in your own tent. You can also go on short hikes as a day trip. A Glaskogen visitor card is required to visit the reserve. The card can be purchased from us in Canoe Center Svanskog can be acquired.

Link: Glaskogen nature reserve

Vacation home activities
Glaskogen nature reserve