a. General terms and conditions for the holiday home Kantarella

1. Conclusion of the contract

The lease on that
https://www.fewo-direkt.de/ferienwohnung-ferienhaus/p2447043 and https://www.kantarella.de is bindingly closed as soon as your online reservation has been confirmed or both parties have received a signed rental agreement.

2. Rental payment

25% of the rental price is payable within 14 days after conclusion of the contract. 75% of the rental price is due no later than 4 weeks before the start of the rental period.

3. Arrival and departure

On the day of arrival, the landlord will make the rental property available to the tenant from 4 p.m. in a condition in accordance with the contract. If the arrival is after 6 p.m., the tenant should inform the landlord of this. On the day of departure, the tenant will hand the rental property vacated to the landlord by 11.00 a.m. at the latest. There
the tenant has to do the following work himself with final cleaning by the landlord: removing the bed linen, washing the dishes and emptying the refrigerator and freezer. In the case of final cleaning by the tenant, the handover takes place in a completely cleaned condition.

4. Door – key

Upon arrival, the tenant receives a key for the entrance door, a key for the balcony door and a key for the bicycle shed.  The tenant is liable for the loss of or damage to the keys in the amount of the replacement costs.

5. Internet and WiFi

The tenant assumes full liability for the free use of the W-LAN. You will receive the access code on arrival. You use the Internet at your own risk using your device. No liability is accepted for damage to your device. Any kind of misuse is prohibited, the use of paid content must be borne in full by the tenant.

6. Withdrawal from the contract, tenant

The tenant can withdraw from the rental agreement by making a written declaration to the lessor before the start of the rental period. The time of receipt of the declaration of withdrawal by the landlord is decisive. If the tenant withdraws from the rental contract, he has to pay flat-rate compensation for the expenses already incurred by the tenant and the lost profit in the following amount:

Termination before the start of the rental period
• up to 89 days before the start of the rental:  50 € cancellation fee
• up to 59 days before the start of the rental period: 35% of the rental price
• up to 28 days before the start of the rental period: 60% of the rental price
• up to 14 days before the start of the rental: 90% of the rental price
• later than 14 days before the start of the rental: 100% of the rental price

If the tenant breaks off their stay prematurely, the entire rental price must be paid. When withdrawing from the contract, the tenant can name a replacement tenant who is willing to take his place in the existing contractual relationship. The landlord can object to the entry of the third party if this appears economically or personally unreliable. If a third party enters into the rental agreement, he and the previous tenant are jointly and severally liable to the lessor for the rental price and the additional costs arising from the entry of the third party. The tenant is recommended to take out travel cancellation insurance.

7. Termination by the landlord

The landlord can terminate the contractual relationship before or after the start of the rental period without observing a notice period if the tenant does not make the agreed payments on time despite a previous reminder or otherwise acts contrary to the contract to such an extent that the landlord cannot be expected to continue the contractual relationship. In this case, the landlord can demand reimbursement of the expenses incurred up to the termination and the lost profit from the tenant.

8. Cancellation of the rental agreement

The rental contract can be terminated by both sides if the rental of the property is not possible due to force majeure and the services owed as a result cannot be provided.

9. Obligations of the tenant

The tenant undertakes to treat the rental property and its inventory with all due care. The tenant is liable to pay compensation for culpable damage to furnishings, rented rooms or the building, as well as the facilities belonging to the rented rooms or the building, if and to the extent that they are from him or his
Accompanying persons or visitors was culpably caused. The tenant must notify the landlord immediately of any damage occurring in the rented premises, unless he is obliged to remedy it himself. The tenant is liable to pay compensation for any consequential damage caused by not being notified in good time. Rubbish, ash, harmful liquids and the like must not be thrown or poured into sinks, sinks and toilets. If blockages occur in the sewage pipes due to non-compliance with these provisions, the person responsible bears the costs of the repair. In the event of any malfunctions in the facilities and equipment of the rental property, the tenant is obliged to do everything reasonable himself to help remedy the malfunction or to keep any damage that may arise to a minimum. The tenant is obliged to inform the landlord or any defects in the rental object immediately. If the tenant fails to report this, he is not entitled to any claims due to non-fulfillment of the contractual services (in particular no claims to rent reduction).

10. Lessor’s Liability

The landlord is liable for the correctness of the description of the rental property and is obliged to properly provide the contractually agreed services and maintain them during the entire rental period. The landlord’s liability for property damage from unlawful acts is excluded, unless they are based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the landlord or his vicarious agent. The landlord is not liable in cases of force majeure (e.g. fire, flood, etc.). The property is a natural property, and the footpaths around the house and to the house are left in their natural state
Boat place. Use of the footpaths is at your own risk and responsibility. Important note: moss areas, rocks and wet ground in particular can be very slippery.

11. Animal husbandry

Animals, especially dogs, cats and the like, may only be kept in the rental agreement with the express permission of the landlord. The permit only applies to individual cases. It can be revoked if there are any inconveniences. The tenant is liable for all damage caused by keeping animals. 3 euros are charged per animal and night.

12. Changes in the rental agreement

Subsidiary agreements, changes and additions to the contract as well as all legally relevant declarations must be made in writing.

13. Choice of law and place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is the landlord’s place of residence. Swedish law applies.


b. House rules for the holiday home Kantarella

The holiday home was newly renovated and furnished with a lot of love, joy and effort. I wish you relaxing days and a carefree holiday season. By signing the rental agreement, you also accept the house rules, which include the following:


On the day of arrival you will the house cleaned and handed over with complete inventory. If, contrary to expectations, something is not in order or is defective, I would like to ask you to report this immediately so that the deficiencies can be rectified immediately. The holiday home is available to you and your fellow travelers with the entire inventory and garden use. We would like to ask you to handle it carefully and carefully. Please make sure that you have to take any necessary safety precautions for your children yourself. During your stay you are responsible for the cleanliness of the house. The intended Cleaning devices z. B. Vacuum cleaner can be found in the closet in the entrance area.


The landlord is not liable for any valuables belonging to the tenant. The tenant is responsible for the holiday home during the entire rental period. When leaving the house, please close the windows and doors. The tenant is liable for accidents on the entire premises of the holiday home. The property is a natural property, and the footpaths around the house and to the boat place are also left in their natural state. Use of the footpaths is at your own risk and responsibility. Important note: moss areas, rocks and wet ground in particular can be very slippery.


It is quite possible that something breaks unintentionally during your stay. Please notify us of the damage caused immediately – not just upon departure – so that I can replace it as soon as possible. Fireplace stove:  Please only use the firewood provided, burning other materials is not permitted. The use of fire accelerators of any kind is strictly prohibited. The stove may only be operated by adults and under the supervision of children. The stove must not be in operation when you are sleeping. Be careful of the fire
only burns when in the house. Please dispose of the cooled ash in the ash bin provided for this purpose.

Fire extinguisher

In the event of a fire, a fire extinguisher is available in the entrance area. First aid pharmacy: A first aid kit is available in the entrance area if injuries are taken care of.


Please do not leave the stove unattended when it is switched on. If the stove is burning and you use the extractor hood while cooking, it is necessary to open the kitchen window a little to avoid smoke formation. If a fire breaks out on the stove, please use the fire blanket provided (to the left of the kitchen window). Please only put dry cutlery, dishes and pots back in the cupboards. Please remember not to place hot pots on tables or shelves without a pad.


To avoid mold growth, the bathroom should be ventilated after use. It is not permitted to dispose of leftover food, rubbish, hygiene articles or other waste as well as harmful liquids or the like via the toilet and drains. 

TV and Bluray player

Please do not make any changes to the device settings yourself. 

Barbecue Grill

A barbecue grill is available for the garden area. This may only be used by adults in the garden (not under the covered balcony or entrance area). The use of fire accelerators of any kind is strictly prohibited.

Motorboat – canoe

A motorboat (without petrol) and a Linder aluminum canoe are available at the boat place. Use at your own risk and responsibility. You are liable for damage you have caused yourself up to the replacement value. During the canoe or boat trip you undertake to wear the life jackets provided. This applies to everyone who takes part in the canoe trip or boat trip – not just children. The canoe and boat should be parked after use so that no water can run into them when it rains. Should a defect occur during the agreed rental period, repairs cannot be guaranteed during the remaining rental period.

Parking spot

Parking your car is at your own risk. There is no liability for damage or theft on the property. Cleaning of vehicles and supplying the vehicle with lubricants and operating materials is not permitted on the property.


Smoking in the holiday home is not permitted. However, you have the option of doing this using the ashtray in the garden area. Please do not leave any cigarette butts lying around in the garden area. In the event of damage to the inventory due to burn marks inside the house, the costs will be in the amount
the replacement value will be invoiced


Bins are available to dispose of the rubbish I would be happy if you help sorting out the waste.
First trash can: residual waste. Second garbage can: plastic products, cardboard packaging (e.g. milk), glass and cans.


Please note that it is strictly forbidden to dispose of waste via the toilet or a water drain. The gutting, scaling, deboning or filleting of fish is not permitted in the holiday home, at the boat berths, at bathing areas and boat ramps. Please do this at the point where the fish was caught. It is recommended to bury the remaining fish.

Winter time

During the Winterzeit, the weather may mean that snow has to be cleared. During the stay, the tenant is required to do this himself. The snow shovel is in the bike shed. The tenant is liable for ice and snow accidents on the premises and the house entrances.


All windows must be closed. During the heating months, the radiators should be set to 10 degrees.